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  1. Create a RMA request using the customer support portal found on the main landing page of the support site.
    1. Note: If this is the first time using the support portal, you will need to create an account.
  2. Once approved, please print the support ticket and place it the box.
  3. Indicate the support ticket number on the outside of the box.
    1. Ex: "CSP-1234"
  4. Waybill is to be provided and filled out by the customer. Shipper is to pay all prep fees for customs.
  5. International customers (outside the USA) must indicate the following on their waybill:
    1. Description of Goods: “USA goods returning for temporary import for repair and return."
    2. Country of Origin: “USA”

Failing to follow these instructions will result in your shipment being delayed or refused

Shipping Address

Humanistic Robotics, Inc.
Attn: RMA Receiving
111 S Independence Mall E
Suite 1010
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Processing Time

HRI strives to process all returns within 10 business days of receipt. Please indicate that you need expedited service in your RMA request. We will try to accommodate any special requests.


WARNING: Warranty is void and purchaser waives all rights to make any claims if the product has been modified, altered, or improperly handled. In the event that you warranty has been voided your RMA will be closed and will be returned. Shipment should be in the original packaging or equal degree of protection.

Humanistic Robotics, Inc. will not be held responsible for misdirected or lost shipments. If possible, return all associated accessories normally included with the product for full evaluation.

Please notify HRI if there are any changes to your RMA. Failure to comply may result in the refusal of your shipment. Shipper is to pay all destination country duty & tax in addition to all shipping charges. Product must be packaged and shipped in its original packaging or equal degree of protection.

Purchaser warranty will be void and purchaser waives any rights to make a warranty claim if the product has been opened, altered, modified, repaired, or serviced by anyone other than the service facility authorized by HRI to render such services. Further the seal and serial number on the unit must not have been altered or removed. The unit must not have been subject to accident, misuse, and/or abuse or operated contrary to the instruction provided. The opinion of HRI with respect to this matter shall be final. This warranty does not include and in not extended to broken and damaged accessories, batteries, and exposed antenna and to parts wearing out due to normal wear and tear.