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  1. Download a copy of the HRI Configuration Tool from here: HRI Configuration Tool
  2. Run the configuration tool and select the "Firmware Update" tab.
  3. Click the "Choose Firmware" button and select the firmware file provided by HRI, or drag and drop the file into the configuration tool.
  4. Select the device type from the list of options. Newer firmware files contain this information internally, and the tool will do this automatically.
    1. SRC - Safe Remote Control
    2. WES - Wireless Emergency Stop Remote
    3. VSC - Vehicle Safety Controller (Same as WBC / Wireless Bridge CAN and OEM VSC)
    4. nanoVSC - Smaller OEM VSC
  5. Connect the device and enter its bootloader:
    1. SRC:
      1. Hold the Menu and Pause buttons
      2. Press and release the Power button
      3. A bootloader screen will be visible on the LCD
      4. Release Menu and Pause buttons
      5. Connect USB to the device and your PC
    2. VSC / WBC:
      1. Connect USB only to the device and your PC
      2. The status LED will blink amber about twice a second
    3. WES:
      1. Connect USB only to the device and your PC
      2. Press the power button
      3. The Power and Estop button LEDs will blink about twice a second
  6. Click the "Re-scan" button and select the device.  Bootloader devices will appear as "***-BL* on <port>" (eg, VSC-BL1 on /dev/ttyACM0)
    1. The VSC will exit bootloader mode after some time.
    2. To re-enter bootloader mode, either unplug the VSC and repeat step 5 or select the device and click the "Reset VSC into Bootloader" button.
  7. Click "Load Firmware" to update the device.
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  8. Disconnect USB
  9. Power cycle the device after the update is complete.
  10. Follow the instructions for updating your device's configuration to ensure the radio is programmed with the most optimal settings for your upgraded firmware

titleVSC / WBC Users

Powering the device from USB will cause the device to remain in bootloader mode, and it will not respond to config tool commands.  Avoid this by first powering from the Pvin and connecting USB afterwards.