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  1. Obtain the latest copy of the HRI Configuration Tool, device firmware, and radio firmware svg file
  2. Upgrade the firmware on your device if have not done so already
  3. Start the Config Tool and select the svg file
  4. Turn on the device you are upgrading while with the USB cable not connected to your PC
  5. Connect the device to your PC and rescan to select your device from the drop down
  6. Read the device configuration an verify the correct frimware
  7. Select the Microhard Radio Upgrade tab
  8. Make sure you have a reliable power source
  9. Press the Choose Firmware button and select the .svg file
  10. Press the Load Firmware button
  11. Do not power cycle your device until the upgrade process is complete
  12. After the upgrade is complete, power cycle the device while not attached to your PC and then re-write your device settings
  13. If the Config Tool fails to start the upgrade, turn off the master device and the device you are upgrading and restart at step 4

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