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Due to our continuous effort to provide the highest quality products to customers, HRI is transitioning to a newer radio. This change improves performance as well as providing flexibility and new features.  This new radio is not backwards compatible with older systems. 

Products with the older radio versions (900, 240, and 2400 radio codes) will still be available after this change, but at a higher cost and longer lead time.

For questions, please contact 

Milestone Dates

Default Cut overchange of default radio to new modelsMay 30, 2017

Affected Products

Affected Product Part NumberProduct DescriptionReplacement Product Part NumberReplacement Product Description
VSC-002-900Vehicle Safety Controller CPC 902-928MHz FW North AmericaVSC-002-901Vehicle Safety Controller CPC 902-928MHz MH North America
VSC-002-240Vehicle Safety Controller CPC 2.4GHz FWVSC-002-2401Vehicle Safety Controller CPC 2.4GHz MH
VSC-003-900Vehicle Safety Controller Mil OEM 902-928MHz FW North AmericaVSC-003-901Vehicle Safety Controller Mil OEM 902-928MHz MH North America
VSC-003-240Vehicle Safety Controller Mil OEM 2.4GHz FWVSC-003-2401Vehicle Safety Controller Mil OEM 2.4GHz MH
VSC-004-900Vehicle Safety Controller 38999 902-928MHz FW North AmericaVSC-004-901Vehicle Safety Controller 38999 902-928MHz MH North America
VSC-004-240Vehicle Safety Controller 38999 2.4GHz FWVSC-004-2401Vehicle Safety Controller 38999 2.4GHz MH
VSC-005-900Vehicle Safety Controller Nano OEM 902-928MHz FW North AmericaVSC-005-901Vehicle Safety Controller Nano OEM 902-928MHz MH North America
VSC-005-240Vehicle Safety Controller Nano OEM 2.4GHz FWVSC-005-2401Vehicle Safety Controller Nano OEM 2.4GHz MH
SRC-002-900Safe Remote Control Mini-USB 902-928MHz FW North AmericaSRC-002-901Safe Remote Control Mini-USB 902-928MHz MH North America
SRC-002-240Safe Remote Control Mini-USB 2.4GHz FWSRC-002-2401Safe Remote Control Mini-USB 2.4GHz MH
WES-001-900Wireless Emergency Stop 902-928MHz FW North AmericaWES-001-901Wireless Emergency Stop 902-928MHz MH North America
WES-001-240Wireless Emergency Stop 2.4GHz FWWES-001-2401Wireless Emergency Stop 2.4GHz MH
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